Full Barrel Ice Chest
Full Barrel Ice Chest

Full Barrel Ice Chest

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This ice chest is a stand out piece at your next party. Entirely handcrafted from reclaimed wine barrels, we made sure to pay attention to every detail. The horseshoe handles will come in handy when the party is about to begin and the attached bottle opener will ensure your party-goers will not be searching for the bottler opener that seems to always wander away. The ice chest also comes with a hinging lid to minimize melting ice.

NOT for liquid storage
Stand included
Holding capacity: 30 gallons
Dimensions: Width 29″ Diameter: 21″ of barrel;
37″ overall height of cooler with stand
Finish: Thompson Water Seal
For outdoor use
Assembly required: The stand is not attached to the barrel, you will have to place the barrel on the stand
Made in Lompoc, CA.

***Fill the ice chest with water and let it seat for an hour prior to usage. This will allow the barrel to swell and prevent any leaks.

Each individual item’s appearance and color may vary due to the reclaimed barrel materials used.

Howard Feed-N-Wax can be used to polish and conserve the wood (can be found at the Home Depot).